Visie en Missie

Our school's vision

Our Children, Our Community, Our Future

Ons Kinders, Ons Gemeenskap, Ons Toekoms

At Bredasdorp High School each learner’s potential is developed to enable him/her to be successful and happy and to become proud citizens.


Our school's mission

The school is founded upon 5 pillars:

  • Academic: We strive for the honourable acquisition of knowledge, the utilisation of enthusiastic, well-qualified educators, and the total development of life skills.
  • Sport: We believe that a healthy body houses a healthy soul and we are eager to develop the total person with the necessary skills.
  • Religion: We cultivate an empathy for religion and develop the idea that without God, nothing is possible.
  • Culture: We acknowledge one another’s cultural heritage and strive to conserve and continue it.
  • Recreation: We believe that, as we want to develop the total human being, we must also create meaningful opportunities for recreation