The twentieth Circles in a Bush tour was once again a unique experience for the grade 11 Afrikaans Home Language learners. For many BD’s, this is one of the highlights of their school career and this year’s group definitely agrees that it is a privilege to experience God’s creation firsthand on the tour. After a delicious early morning breakfast at Wimpy in Heidelberg, they dared the long road to the forest. After lunch at Fresh Stop in Knysna, everyone was ready to visit Birds of Eden, Monkeyland and Jukani. Especially the wildcats went to the grade 11s this year. Thanks to a few skilled gr 11-men everyone enjoyed the braai at harkerville forest lodge. On day 2 it was the bush walk, a picnic bush, Wolf Sanctuary and the Elephant Park turn. Meeting Oupoot and his trawants took the BD’s breath away. They could feed the bush giants themselves. Everyone was well taken out for the Look Out Restaurant in Plettenberg Bay Monday evening. On Tuesday the tour was concluded with a ferry ride, hike and a visit to the Featherbed Nature Reserve. The gr 11s definitely built memories for a lifetime. Thank you to teacher Liezel van Schalkwyk who organizes this tour for the gr 11’s every year.

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