12 of our learners participated in the WP youth show trials and did excellent: Showman results for the day: Culinary Arts Junior Nina Terblanche 1st place Senior: Anja Swift 2nd place Karla Bailey 3rd place I have Augustyn on the 6th. Matt Fortuin 5th place Sophia the Long 7th place Poultry (pigeon) senior: Marisca Fourie 1st place Senior loss: Skye apple 3rd place Ruan Temmers 7th place Fayanette received a certificate of participation. Milk preparation senior: Helena Kriel 1st place Willem Strauss 2nd place The following learners have been admitted to the Western Cape team: Ruan Temmers: Silver medal horse Nina Terblanche: gold medal culinary arts Karla Bailey: silver medal culinary arts Anja Swift: gold medal culinary arts Helena Kriel: gold medal in dairy preparation Willem Strauss: silver medal dairy preparation Marisca Fourie: gold medal poultry (pigeon) We have 7 learners in the Western Cape team! Many many happy returns of the day BD’s

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